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IT Guru UX Solutions

UX = User eXperience

Quick features:

  • Multiple tiers of managed packages, that the higher you go, the more all-inclusive they are.
    • These packages are broken up by type:
      • Endpoints (workstations, phones, printers etc)
      • Servers
      • Network devices + infrastructure
      • VMWare or HyperV virtualization management
      • IT Project Management (for projects outside of the initial scope, new services, big upgrades or migrations to other platforms, apps or services) 
      • Full network WAN and LAN cohesion - end to end, we will do IT all. From every endpoint device, to every provider.
  • Remote monitoring and management, patches and updates to OS and products
  • Annual contracts, with low, affordable monthly or annual payments
  • Remote control is the foundation of our service - and if we cannot get to something - we will come onsite
  • Quarterly reports of work performed
  • 24x7 monitoring of your critical host(s) - onsite, in the cloud or located pretty much anywhere else
  • Any x86/64 operating system (Windows, Linux, and Apple) - server or workstation operating systems
  • Helpdesk for you to open tickets with, see scheduling, and more.
  • See and access your contract particulars for quick reference
  • Onsite and remote - as needed and required by SLA (Service Level Agreement)

A big obstacle most business owners must overcome, in addition to being an expert in your chosen field, is that you have to become an expert in information technologies and communication in order to succeed with your IT investments.

This is where the IT Guru UX Solution comes in.

We become your remote and onsite IT Department......

So you can stay focused on your business.

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