Website Development

Need a website - or just need one that's more than a brochure - like:

  • Secure shopping cart with many payment gateways like Stripe, Authorize.Net, and many more...
  • Helpdesks
  • Forums
  • Invoicing and bookeeping with invoices and histories accessible to users through their login accounts, bookeeping for associating those invoices and their payments, fee's, costs, and other financial transactions all together so you have a happy accountant / CPA
  • Chat features for "live Support Agent(s)" - or even AI's if you prefer, as well as Instant Messenging and user-to-user messaging capabilties
  • Newsletter generators and managers with opt-in/out controls for users
  • Image/Photo Managers, Slideshows and other photographer / photography centric features specifically for displaying &/or selling your images
  • Contact and Customer Management features - like CRM, Directories and listings with integrated workflows, reminders and events that can be intuitively linked to manage your customer/contact relationships better
  • Event Managers, Calendar of Events that can be edited easily from a mobile device or computer - by you!
  • Music and Collection Management - Do you collect books, music, even artwork? Or want to document your home or business contents for insurance purposes?
  • Ads, Affiliate Programs, Clickthrough and other money making programs with the ability to intuitively manage it
  • Memberships, Clubs, Associations and other Communities with or without full "Facebook-like" functionality, User and Member Management, communcation and collaboration tools, along with ability for sharing photos, videos, comments, by the end users to Like, Comment, Share and associate with whomever they wish
  • Property Management website? Of any kind.......real estate, cars & trucks, classifieds or auction sites? All secure with current 256 to 512 bit SSL/TLS standards
  • Need to have a Learning Management, virtual classroom, and student management features for a classroom or school?
  • Social Integrations - your website tied into your personal or company Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, and/or other social network(s) of any kind
  • Search Engines and those optimized to get traffic to your website
  • and much, much, more....!

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