Presenting our unique, one of a kind "User eXperience"

Managed Information Technology Services

Presenting: IT Guru UX Solutions (User eXperience) - from pricing, to service and satisfaction = guaranteed!

IT Guru UX Solutions are bundles at the heart of our revolutionary full-range IT Department Services that insure your business assets remain fully operational so you can stay focused on your business.

Our UX Solutions mean we will keep your systems patched, up-to-date, secured, stable and managed by our staff remotely and onsite whenever needed - just as if you had in-house IT staff. These cost savings will save your business BIG MONEY with:

  • 100% operating expense to your bottom line = no taxes or asset depreciation
  • No health insurance premium costs or group management of these - we are not your employee's
  • The most competitive and realistic costs of any of our competition - guaranteed

All of our Managed Service agreements come with 1 hour to 2 week Service Level Agreements (SLAs) based on internal severity levels. This means we'll be on IT (the issue) within minutes to days depending on the assigned severity. These range from critical work stoppages to informational inquiries.

Our UX Solutions are bundles of essential patching, monitoring, remote and onsite control for every IT asset you have or need us to provide, onsite, offsite, physical, virtual, cloud and hybrid systems (mix of these):

  • Endpoints ie workstations, thin clients, laptops, smartphones, desk phones (VoIP or older phone - some restrictions apply with older phones) and networked printers that your users use in their day to day tasks. 
  • Servers - any OS, running any service(s), located anywhere - we take care of IT all for you. 
  • Network Infrastructure gear like switches, routers, WiFi Access Points, and so on. 

ENDPOINT UX SOLUTIONS are provided at "per named user" price for a fraction of what in-house IT staff will cost you, directly and indirectly, guaranteed. For our small/medium business (SMB) customers - 5 devices are covered for one low monthly price with an annual committment.

SERVER UX SOLUTIONS are $500 per server, noif it is Windows Server, Linux Server or OS X Server. Whatever it runs - any service(s) except Small Business Server bundles, we take care of IT:

  • Microsoft Exchange Server
  • SharePoint & other DMS Servers
  • File & Print Servers
  • Linux Servers
  • Web Servers
  • Telephony Servers
  • Active Directory
  • and more.....

Prices above and below are just for reference.
All customers inquring about our UX Solutions will get cusomt bundled quotes with steep discounts to earn your business.

Due to the nature of these offerings with SLAs - that really mean "if your server or your presidents PC go down".....we will show up onsite if we cannot remedy it remotely, to take care of IT so you can stay focused on your business.

We are primarily focused on Gainesville, Ocala, Lake City and surrounding communities at this time with the exception of Jacksonville. A 60-70 mile radius from Gainesville.....we cover IT, fast.

 Additionally our UX Solutions offer a very broad range of value added and support of your other critical services and PMP needs as follows:

Full UX SMB Network Package 
(25 users or less) 

Endpoint UX Solutions:




  • BitDefender Enterprise Antivirus/Security Suite INCLUDED per license
  • Network scan + map of your network (provided if desired)
  • 24x7 Monitoring of your desktops performance metrics & logs
  • Management agents for remote access & support of your users on desktops
  • 5 User devices per ENDPOINT license INCLUDED
  • Helpdesk for your use to submit requests to us easily from every desktop



  • Monthly patching of any desktop/user OS after hours
  • Directory Services: User, Account & Basic Management
  • Events Monitored & acted upon if errors found
  • DDRP (Data Disaster Recovery Plan) for your critical data on desktops
  • Secure and encrypted backups of critical company data onsite (free) to your device(s) or offsite to cloud (additional cost)


Server UX Solutions:


WIndows Server UX Solution


  • Physical or Virtual - Any Microsoft-supported product/service installed on each licensed server
  • License management (if applicable - Windows or other commercial version)
  • Critical updates, patches, hotfixes
  • Monitor Critical Server Applications & Performance
  • 24x7 continuous monitoring
  • DevOps Automation & Integration (AD, desktops, etc)
  • Log Management & Remediation
  • Remote Around The Clock
  • IT Service & Change Management
  • Active Directory Advanced Administration (GPOs. Security Containers, Custom OUs, etc.)
  • Backups & Disaster Recovery of OS and running services (Backups of Applications like Exchange or Sharepoint have added requirements
  • SQL Server Daily Backups

Linux Server UX Solution


  • Physical or Virtual - Any service installed on each licensed server
  • License management (if applicable ie commercial version)
  • Critical updates, patches, hotfixes
  • Monitor Critical Server Applications & Performance
  • 24x7 continuous monitoring
  • DevOps Automation & Integration
  • Log Management & Remediation
  • Remote Around The Clock
  • IT Service & Change Management
  • LDAP, Samba, etc. Advanced Administration
  • Backups & Disaster Recovery of OS and running services (Backups of some Commercial Applications have added requirements)
  • MySQL/PostGreSQL Server Daily Backups
  • Web Server Management - Apache, NGinx, and more


Network UX Solutions:


Network Devices UX Solution

$500/month per 5 devices

  • x5 L2/L3 Network Devices for 1 price:
  • Switches
  • Routers
  • Hubs
  • Bridges
  • WiFi APs
  • LAN perimeter firewall
  • UTM - Unified Threat Manager
  • Security Appliances of most any brand
  • 30% discount on needed new structured cabling related to these

VMware vRealize Suite


  • Physical or Virtual - onsite or cloud
  • vRealize Suite including:
  • vCloud + Air Suite
  • End User Computing (Horizons)
  • Operations Manager (VOM)
  • Log Insight (VLI)
  • Updates and patches + driver/firmware as needed
  • Monthly maintenance
  • License Management


IT Project Management UX Solutions:

IT Project Management UX


  • IT Project Management for your company's information technology services and infrastructure
  • Chairing of Steering Committees for major product changes
  • Attendance at Leadership/Management Meetings as "IT's voice" for a collaborative and immersive experience for all stakeholders
  • IT Planning of projects including migrations & upgrades of software solutions, data and business processes
  • IT & Regulatory Compliance (HIPPA, NERC-CIP, Bleachly, etc)
  • Planning of installations, upgrades & integrations of systems, apps and data
  • Full Change Management, ITSM & ITIL observed so everyone is aware, prepared, informed, and trained on what is coming
  • Focuses around anything that will change processes, cause any disruption to these and users, or otherwise affect operational efficiencies. This **must be avoided whenever and wherever possible**.


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