Storage of any kind is IT Guru's specialty. Let's face it - today's businesses rarely delete data files, so the space requirements just grow, almost perpetually.

Combine that with the newer software versions that often lead to larger file sizes (ie cameras, Office applications, etc) and then multiply that by the number of staff working with these files? It all adds up very quickly. Here at IT Guru Solutions we do IT all where storage is concerned, with most any type of storage:

  • Flash drives
  • Hard drives - SATA, IDE, SAS, FC, & SSD
  • SSD (solid state disks)

Storage systems:

  • SAN (Storage Area Networks)
    • iSCSI and Fibre Channel
  • NAS (Network Attached Storage)
  • Disks (USB, Firewire and internal)
  • Custom-built storage arrays & systems
    • OpenFiler
    • FreeNAS
    • SANiQ (formerly Lefthand Networks - now HPE)

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