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Every business must have secure network operations in order to be successful, protect theirs and their customers' sensitive information, and keep hackers and viruses away from their networks, systems and devices.

A comprehensive strategy to insure your security needs are met, and a best practice "layered security approach" that addresses and pinpoints key strategic areas and services where data breaches are most common and targeted is essential.

Any specific needs any particular customer may have, like a vulnerable, unpatched or unprotected website, network or database. Security is the culmination of a number of pieces working together to collectively create a powerful defense against cyber threats.

These security pieces include physical security, network protection, secure multi-tenant architecture, client / end user firewalls, host-based firewalls, anti-virus, access control lists (ACLs), backup and replication to name just a few.

In order to maintain the most secure environment possible, most businesses choose to trust the management of their network security to their provider and at prearranged times This includes network penetration testing - to find holes and vulnerabilities in systems, applications and websites and then we use Change Mangement practices, patching, updates and meticulous reporting combined with ITSM/ITIL remediation standards to document, close up and plug those holes!

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