Managed Service Provider MSP

At our core we are an


IT Guru Solutions Inc encompasses the full IT department range of services - and we do 99% of it remotely.

We do IT for less than in-house IT staff will cost you.

We come onsite when needed, and at no additional cost if it's in your contract.

Agents (an installed "client" application) are put on all

Windows, Mac & Linux endpoints. This allows us to proactively monitor & manage these assets.

The agents will monitor the utilization of hardware, connectivity, temperatures, internet access for your entire network and more, then notify us when things are down/offline, not running smoothly or exceed programmed tolerance(s) (i.e. CPU/RAM or disk use are too high).

We provide annual, semi-annual, quarterly, monthly and even weekly reporting on our successes and failures - so you know exactly where your system operations are.

 Our MSP Bundles (IT Guru UX Solutions) are all-inclusive and offer:


Patch Management is crucial to keeping your systems up-to-date. But not only that, but we test them before deployment, monitor their rollout, and we can "roll them back" if there is a conflict or issue that arises that was unforeseen. Most issues that happen on WIndows or Linux? Are 100% software and/or driver conflicts.

Us performing all of this, allows you to stay focused on your business and not on this IT minutia.


Backups? Are mission critical. Without them, a business cannot recover from a disaster, something or someone malicious, catastrophic hardware failure and so on. These can literally bring your business to a grinding HALT.

We include managed backups so we can insulate you from any evetual failure. You can count on it happening eventually - just like taxes.

It is not about IF it will happen.

It is about WHEN it will happen.


Let's face IT

Businesses cannot afford to be down. Sales, production, reports, invoicing, adding customers, even bookkeeping - all come to a grinding halt.

IT Guru Solutions incorporates full Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity Plans for our MSP customers. You are kept aware of, involved, & updated, so you KNOW what & when to expect.


Endpoints are everything on a network. Servers, desktops, laptops, tablets, smartphones, but also WiFi access points, switches, routers, firewalls. They are all points, on your network.

We manage the security of them all, so you can stay focused on your business.


This includes monitoring your network, so we can proactively know, remotely - when something goes down - to minimize negative, productivity killing events to your company operations.

We will monitor switches, routers, firewalls, bridges, access points and any other network device/endpoint that should be.



System metrics like CPU, RAM memory, disk usage, temperature and others are fully monitored and logged. These often can show us a system is performing poorly for some reason, and often allow us to see it, respond to it, before it causes unplanned downtime.


A helpdesk, is at the core of our service offering.

This is where all customers send us tickets, but this is also where our monitoring solution will automatically create a ticket when something goes down or offline! No input or report, required from you or your staff.


Cloud Storage is integral to Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery.

Cloud Apps are any applications we deliver from the cloud. From Office 365/Google or Zoho, to desktop apps that one or more users use to perform their duties.


Procurement - means sourcing and finding what fits your business the BEST.

We take care of that too, so you can stay focused. We just get your approval beforehand.

vCIO = Virtual ... Chief Information Officer

Under 1 umbrella.

What would an MSP or any IT department be without a Chief Information Officer or similar "C-Suite leadership" (ie CIO, CTO, COO) and so on be?


We will attend regular meetings with decision-makers, be involved with planning, deployments, and updates through the utilization of CM (Change Management) to communicate, include and encompass everyone on your team.

We invest in your business, because your success, is our success.