The process of migration, also known as cloud, system, application, service or platform/server migrations, involves the transferring of an organization to a new form of these, or an upgrade/new version.

More specifically, by undergoing migration, businesses relocate some or all of their applications, digital assets, services, and other general IT resources onto a cloud or migrate the platform or application in some way, ie a Microsoft Exchange or Sharepoint upgrade to a new system or host, and migrating the data over successfully.

This offers the customer many benefits, especially when blended or placed into the cloud:

  • System and Data Fault Tolerance
  • Redundancies of systems and data(base)s
  • When "in the cloud", zero electricity cost on your power bill
  • Tax benefits - "cloud" is 100% pure "operating expeense" so a write-of

IT Guru Solutions has the experience and skills necessary to address your migration needs no matter how conplex or what product(s) are involved.

We have done simple migrations of software and underlying data upgrades, to full ERP upgrades, report overrides, and cross platform migrations of full collaboration sustems like from Novell GroupWise to Microsoft Office 365 or Exchange Server - and vice versa.

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