Does your organization need some new wiring installed, re-terminated, repaired or certified?

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Need your existing wiring cleaned up in your server rooms, communications closet(s), data center(s) or wiring closet(s) like messy patch panels, Demarcation (DEMARC) boards, IT racks or anywhere else?

Do you need wire management, "tone and tagging", labeling, or organization of any of these?

Do you need FIBER installed, troubleshooting or terminations for Multimode in your building, or between buildings?

Then let us take away that burden so you can focus on your business.

We do IT all:

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Multimode Fiber terminations, Installation and Repair/Certification

  • Corning Unicam connectors used exclusively.
  • We can install 2, 4, 6, 12 and more strands of fiber for your company
  • Dramatically improve your network, backbone and uplink speeds between devices and buildings
  • Install, troubleshoot, terminate and repair any multimode fiber - guaranteed 

CAT3/5/5e/6(a)/7 cabling, connections, patch panels and outlets professionally installed:

  • Wall faceplates
  • Outlet housings & jacks such as keystones, RJ## connectors, patch panel terminations and related
  • Outlet boxes (inside wall)
  • Wiring & Installations: wire pulling, fishing through walls, attics, ceilings, and underneath structures
  • Patch Panel installations/terminations/troubleshooting: Adding or replacing patch panels - clean and professional with integrated cable and wire management.
  • We stock keystone jacks from Leviton (RJ11, RJ45, Fiber and similar outlets), biscuit jacks keystones cropped
  • Terminations and punchdowns using 66 or 110 block terminals, biscuit jacks
  • RJ45 connectors, ends and custom made patch & crossover cables for connecting devices

Wall Mount or Free Standing Network/Server Rack Installations

  • Any size, any number of "U's" available today
  • From 1U to 43U full sized racks
  • Wall mount
  • Free standing
  • Secured or
  • Rolling

Voice, Telecommunications, Overhead Paging Wiring & System Maintenance

  • Voice lines
    • Category 5/5e/6 drops and terminations for VoIP, digital or analong phones, faxes, postage machines, scales and other RJ45 compliant communication devices
    • 2/4/6 wire for digital or analog single or multiline phones, fax machines, postage machines, and other "dial tone" devices of any kind
  • Voice Solutions & Sales
    • Telco dialtone/POTS trunk line sales and provisioning
    • VoIP Phone systems - We are partnered exclusively with 3CX for all of your onsite or cloud based PBX (Private Branch Exchange) systems with all the features any of today's enterprise grade systems offer.
  • Voice solutions, phone plans and contracts with providers - and our goal is to get you the best service(s), feature(s) & plan(s) that match your budget matched to the needs of your business

iPhone Android WinClient3CX Management Console

  • Call Centers & PBX systems: Onsite or hosted in the cloud to ease your use and administration, because we administer it for you
  • Troubleshooting, installation and modification of RJ21x and 110 blocks for telco services at your DMARC
  • Tracing phone lines and dialtone, phone numbers, and related
  • Custom wiring wherever needed

Overhead paging systems and wiring

  • Loudspeakers and horns: Multi and omnidirectional solutions - mostly we carry Bogen loudspeaker and horn products
  • Loudspeaker and horn adjustments to optimize personnel's ability to hear pages, even in noisy environments
  • Speaker wiring: 2, 4, and 6 pair drops
  • Punchdown blocks and speaker terminations
  • Amplifiers and Zone Paging adapters: We specialize and are partnered with Bogen Amplifiers & Zone Paging Adapters for all of your paging needs

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