Disaster Recovery (DR) and Backups:Disaster recovery prepared

Crucial to your business, a clean daily backup helps you defend against:

  • System failure
  • Disk(s) failure
  • Hack attacks
  • A disgruntled employee
  • Criminal mischief and
  • Theft.

Some of the biggest breaches come in the form of ransomeware attacks, and internal personnel are actually ranked #1 as your most exposed and common "hack attack". Sometimes they don't even realize it!.

To top that off, natural disasters like a fires, floods, hurricanes, or tornados can be equally as devestating - and just add to the man made mix above!

Backups are necessary to the continued health of your business - and testing those backups regularly with restore testing, is essential to insure you can recover when things go sideways.

Without good backups, you are literally playing Russian Roulette with your business! Backups are a prerequisite to Disaster Recovery as it defines the processes necessary to "get my business restored, back up and running" in the event of any of these events.

We here at IT Guru Solutions have the experience and resources necessary to get your ability to recover from any of these disasters, on track, and this is so crucial we make backups a standard part of ANY package or service we consult on or sell to ANYONE. Backups will be discussed.

We promise.

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