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As a computer guru, Jay worked hard to overcome some really bad choices as a yongster, to get into the information technology service industry and was doing work at the time as a contracted computer IT technician while pursuing classes at Santa Fe College. Prior to that Jay studied electronic engineering at ITT Technical Institue in Van Nuys CA before he returned back to Gainesville and reenrolled at SFCC (Santa Fe Community College back then).

Right out of college he became "The IT Department" for Atkins technical, the cadillac of digital food thermometers with their patented thermocouple technology. Atkins had a Novell NetWare 3.x network on the Bindery database for user/group administration at that time. Not only did Jay upgrade this to Novell NetWare 4.x and up to Novell Directory Services (on the IPX protocol), when the TCP-IP protocol was relased and this whole internet thing came around....Jay integrated the native Novell networks, IPX-SPX and their 4.x servers with the TCP-IP stack. It was a chore - but he got IT done.

Later he upgraded the NetWare 4.x servers to 5.x on Open Enterprise Server + eDirectory. IPX was also retired from their network for good in the year 2000. This happened by Atkins Technical moving to a brand new building and location across town.

Jay built an entirely new network of NetWare 5.x servers, an ArtiSoft TeleVantage CTI PBX system (the old site had a Merlin Legend that belonged in a museum, not production), with brand new instances of IdustriOS & Platinum for Windows server daemons running on PervasiveSQL servers on the NetWare 5.x LAMP stacks.......Atkins closed business at the old location on a Friday - by next Monday morning, all phone numbers were ported over to a new bonded 6M T1 circuit, databases migrated, servers and entire network was up and 100% usable.

Zero day downtime.

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Jay has extensive experience with everything from smartphones and tablets to fully integrated enterprise networks. He tackled his first program in 1995, written in Qbasic, solving quadratic equations, he had to teach himself how to solve quadratic equations in order to write the program. He has worked locally for IT departments at Gainesville Regional Utilities, the University of Florida’s Division of Student Affairs, A&N Corporation, Shands Hospital (before it became UF Health), Atkins Technical and been a business Techvangelist & Consultant during all of this time. At UF he was running two data centers with Cisco UCS blades and servers with 500 TB Lefthand storage iSCSI and VMware vSphere for the Division of Student Affairs as well as their enterprise backups across multiple products. Every aspect of the virtual, storage and backups was his responsibility - and he did it very well. He was directly responsible for the high availability, fault-tolerance, and network administration of 60,000+ students, faculty, and staff across the UF enterprise. At A&N Jay supervised all aspects of the companies information technology needs, from vendor services, to their MRP/ERP system, it's databases, upgrades, end user training, their network, all of their servers, telecommunications and any other "tech" the company wanted to get, or already used, along with all of the imaginable facets like migrating data across, through, and integrated with all of these varied products. Jay has done everything from setting up a point of sale system for local retailers, to (re)designing physical or virtual networks, every layer of every service, the security posture, defenses and remediation processes, to establishing data pivot tables and BI dashboards to ensure productivity is being met in a manufacturing environments that included interactive and realtime database access - any companies most valuable asset - their data!

Jay has over 25 years of experience and expertise in IT consulting, computer network & systems administration, web development, computer repair, business management, and business technical operations in multiple veritcals spanning manufacturing, academia and healthcare verticals. Additionally, Jay is intimately familiar with other business types such as law practices, doctor's & dental offices, retail of any kind, hospitality and food services (any chain) to name just a few.

While Jay began his career in the network systems engineering path, Jay has since designed, managed, upgraded, migrated and administered hundreds of computer networks, databases, business intelligence dashboards, storage area networks & network infrastructure devices of any brand, business continuity & disaster recovery, backups, servers, operating systems, websites, and also developed proprietary apps specific to whatever an organization needs or requires. Jay is initimately familiar with all aspects of business leadership and technical management in both the profit and non-profit sectors. He's a very well rounded professional Techvangelist & people person, who absolutely loves what he does - above all else.

He is also beholden only to you - the customer. Jay and ITGSI have partnered with all of the big tech companies, as needed, and is beholden to none of them. Only what the customer wants, needs, within thier budget and requirements - is all that matters to ITGSI. Whether you want to be a Google, Microsoft, Linux, Apple.....we do IT all, for what the customer requires or wants.


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